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Trichoglossus johnstoniae
Trichoglossus johnstoniae

We are working for the realization of a European web site that will be a data bank for breeders, a birds market, (the greatest international market on-line) a photographic collection with the participation of the same breeders who can send the photos of their subjects and their breeding experencies, you will find written of ancient and modern ornithology, one collection of info and experiences of breeding of the single breeders, this and other all in 8 languages. It will be a true revolution in the field, an ornithological Bible, where to sell to exchange or to search the subjects it will be easier, where you will be able to find and to confront your self with the breeders of the rarest birds of the world, with their experiences, feeding and breeding methodologies, in a clic.

To use the services offered by this website breeders with amateur purposes from January 2017 will have to contribute an annual fee of EUR 7.00

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